Vmoves Fleet Solutions has a dedicated team of professional inspector/drivers who continue to drive our business forward by providing a first-class service.

Client Testimonials

First Impressions

We have recently started to use Vmoves and will now be a regular client. For our very first move we needed to deliver one of our high value vehicles across the UK. The driver provided was helpful and professional throughout. The service from Vmoves was excellent.

"Highly reliable"

Vmoves is a highly reliable, trustworthy business with a work ethic of quality service, without exception. They are always happy to help assist in meeting our business needs at competitive cost, taking our business as serious, as they do their own.

"Very Happy Customers"

We have used VMoves for a couple of years now, after being let down badly by other operators. They have always been very professional and clearly train their drivers well, to ensure a competent handover at the point of delivery. There have been the odd minor issues, but that’s when you find out the quality of a company’s service in swift rectification, leaving our customers very happy. I would highly recommend VMoves for all delivery options.   

"Great Communication"

Vmoves really hit the ground running when they replaced our previous supplier last year and have really worked with us and around our business needs. Communications are great and we are always able to reach the team. There is an obvious pride in what they do, which extends to the drivers, having met a few now when vehicles are delivered back to the office. I have dealt with drivers for a long time and it is refreshing to see such a positive and professional attitude amongst the Vmoves team. 

Workforce Testimonials


I've been with V Moves for several weeks and can honestly say, I've never been treated with such respect as I have whilst working alongside this company. Communication is key with these guys and that's not just a tag line, they mean it. I love the freedom of the job and only on its most trying of days, does it even remotely become like "work". They instil a sense of trust from the very beginning and that helps when you may be a little nervous. Cassie – Vmoves
Inspector Driver

"Brilliant Job"

I have worked for Vmoves for over 1 year as a vehicle inspector/driver. My role within the company is travelling around the country, inspecting, collecting, delivering cars and vans, giving excellent customer service to each customer, taking extra time to ensure they get the best service and always going the extra mile. I enjoy being part of the Vmoves team as they are an excellent company to work for, they offer an excellent self-employment package, I get my own independence, travelling around, meeting new people every day as well as being part of a team. It's a great company and a brilliant job.   
Lisa – Vmoves Inspector Driver

"Part Of The Team"

I joined Vmoves in October 2009 as a vehicle inspector/collector with C1 digital card/CPC entitlement. I am currently seeking my C licence. There has been a huge transition in contracts, clients, drivers and office staff to the present day at Vmoves. I have had various constructive conversations with important members of the team. I have to say the nature of this business has become more sophisticated as well as efficient thus giving you a sense of independence while being part of the Vmoves team, with which I am happy to spend the rest of my career. I have had various brief roles as a driver’s buddy also, inspecting and moving HGV agency drivers in hire cars all over the UK, for Driver Hire.
Stuart – Vmoves Inspector Driver

"Job Variety"

I have worked for Vmoves for over 11 years and have had a variety of roles, from training new drivers, to delivering and collecting vehicles across Europe. I enjoy the variety the job brings and that no two days are the same.
Mick – Vmoves Inspector Driver

"Job Satisfaction"

I have worked for Vmoves for 12 months now as an Inspector / driver. I find this job interesting in many ways, not only do I get to visit different areas of the UK but I also get to deal with companies and members of the public in different ways. Due to the fact I like my independence and enjoy driving, this job gives me satisfaction in all aspects of my interests. It also offers me many challenges. I feel that whilst being an important part of a great organisation, we come across many unexpected situations in which we can commit our own personal skills. I find the biggest satisfaction is when I complete each job and deliver a good quality customer service, knowing all who are involved are satisfied with the service I provided on behalf of both client and customer. Whilst being with this company I have assisted members of the normal public in areas above and beyond the expectations of my role within the company, giving me great satisfaction by being in the right place at the right time.
Stephen – Vmoves Inspector Driver

"Friends For Life"

I have worked for Vmoves for approximately 3 years. In that time, I have travelled the UK and Europe through work. I have met people that will now be friends for life. Like most jobs, it has its good days and bad days. Unlike most jobs, a good day feels like a holiday and a bad day is when it feels like work. When people ask why I do what I do for a job, my usual answer is, 'it’s better than having to work for a living.' Most days you travel the country meeting up with your mates, (tonight we are planning a BBQ). The whole company has a family feel about it and when you go into the office for whatever reason, you are welcomed by everyone. Even the MD Mark, takes time to chat and seems genuinely interested in how you are.
Adrian – Vmoves Inspector Driver

"24 Hour Communication"

I have been working with Vmoves team for almost a year and a half. Since I’ve been with Vmoves, I have felt a part of a team, more so as I came from another trade plating firm. 24 hour communication to the office is good and 9 times out of 10, issues get rectified sufficiently. Meeting other members of the team out on jobs is a plus side as well and due to the bright red uniform we're not really hard to spot.  
Alexander – Vmoves Inspector Driver

"Visit New Places"

Visiting new places, meeting new people, driving different types of vehicles, independence, learning about vehicles, coping with various situations. Learning life on ‘fast forward’.
Krzysztof – Vmoves Inspector Driver


I am currently halfway through my fifth year with V Moves and have witnessed some changes even during this comparatively short time, particularly in the management team for the good of the company as a whole. Obviously, like any occupation, there are good days and not so good days, which in turn have to be overcome. I do on the whole, enjoy my work as I get to see places I would otherwise not have seen and meet people I would not otherwise have met. I find that you only get out of this work what you are prepared to put in. If you are nice to people then 9 times out of 10 it is reciprocated. This is important if you need assistance on to the next job. I also find that if you are prepared to put forward sensible ideas and suggestions these will be either noted, listened to, acted on, or all three.  It is rewarding if you feel that you are a valued member of the team by both Management and fellow colleagues alike. In my book an important thing to remember is that we are Inspectors first, and Drivers second. We are here to help our customers. Having spent 25 years in the Rail Industry finishing as a Manager I recognise the importance of this.
Jonathan – Vmoves Inspector Driver