Capturing the detail for End of lease, In-life or Remarketing purposes

Information and data are key to the success of today's fleet industry. Vmoves Fleet Inspection system captures vehicles condition data and imagery whether for in-life, end of lease or remarketing purposes. This is available online putting you in control of your fleet!

  • Carefully selected Inspectors trained to BVRLA standards
  • Smartly uniformed, tie wearing professionals projecting the right image
  • 99% damage captured on our infield inspections
  • Electronic reports together with damage images
  • In depth interior inspection to capture previously missed areas and revenues
  • Costed reports available
  • Zero Tolerance
  • NAMA Graded
  • Inspection and costing process customised for your needs
  • Video and AI Inspection technology available via class leading partners
  • We are independent not connected to an auction house or promoting specific technology

Our technology and ongoing Inspector training program are configurable, so we can tailor our inspection process to suit your needs or update it at any time to deal with new requirements. If required, we can present disclaimer statements to your customers on our mobile platform, clarifying the scope of the inspection or other contractual requirements